About Autocom Motors, LTD

Autocom Motors, LTD is a direct importer and wholesaler of used Japanese
vehicles, specializing in the import of JDM passenger cars, SUVs trucks, vans,
and camping vehicles. We’re car enthusiasts too and we’re passionate about
making sure our clients get the car of their dreams.

All vehicles are expertly inspected and picked by our team in Japan to guarantee excellence and quality in service and product. 

Canadian law prohibits the import of JDM vehicles less than 15 years old which is why all our imported cars are 15 years or older. But because of this, we make sure to select cars in excellent condition with the lowest mileage we can find and ensure it is inspected for safety, serviced, and cleaned before it is delivered to you. To ensure full disclosure of all information, we provide auction sheets for our vehicles so that you can see what was the original condition of the car in Japan to help you make your decision on purchasing.

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